A couple days after my brother returned from Ecuador, we took a ski trip up to Whislter, B.C. Eight of us stayed up at the Tantalus Lodge. The gang consisted of Robert, Tanya, Ben, Todd, Pat, Linda, Kristin, and myself. We had great weather and an awesome time!

Kristin and Jon on Blackomb Glacier

Kristin and I on Blackcomb Glacier. What an awesome day!


Robert and Kristin riding up the Blackcomb Gondola

Robert and Kristin riding up the Blackcomb Gondola.


Half of the Gang

At the top of 7th Heaven. Todd, Robert, Ben, and Kristin. Can you guess who doesn't seem to fit the theme?


Ben and Robert

Ben and Robert taking a rest while boarding down from the Glacier Express.


Ben and his brother Jon

My brother and I near the top of Blackcomb. Whistler Village can be seen at the bottom of the valley.


Ben at the top of Whistler Mountain

Ben at the top of Whistler Mountain.


At the Longhorn Saloon

Enjoying a night out at the Longhorn Saloon. This was before I bought Ben a shot of Whiskey to get "back" at him for buying me a "praire fire."


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