Just Before the Wedding..

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The Flowers

Karrie applying make-up to the bride-to-be

Ben & Jon with there bad-ass Marine cousin from Pittsburgh

Jon and the ringbearer. Actually his cousin John Hoffman

John Hoffman and Meagan Nance. Cousins of Jon

Jon and his brother (best man)

Jon and Brian Tom. He made this all possible by making me "see the light"

Together at last

Kristin and Jane Villiot.

Kristin and her sister, Karrie. They look like sisters unlike my brother and I.

Flowers and the bride

Kristin and Lori Vos. Lori just has really high heels on, otherwise they are the same height.

Kristin and Meagan. Does Meagan look cold?

Mr. Kullas doing his Marine pose, except he forgot not to smile

John praticing giving me the ring

A good side view of the ringbearer

Norm Johnson and Linda Harms. Family friends of Jon.

Ben acting like a Secret Service agent. He gets excited when he dresses up.

John and his High School buddy and friend, Steve Clymer.

The dudes