Road Trip 2002

Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, and Wind Rivers Wilderness

The pictures below are from our 2002 road trip to Glacier National Park to climb McClintock Peak, Yellowstone National Park and our stay at Old Faithful Inn, visiting my brother in Jackson Hole, and then backpacking into the Wind River Mountain Range southeast of Jackson. A great road trip.


Lake McDonald

View of the Lake from the Lake McDonald Lodge

Kristin and the friendly dude from Glacier

The Motel at Lake McDonald. Yes, first class.

Cars at Glacier. Ford just rebuilt them for free.

Front of Lake McDonald Lodge

Morning sunrise on Lake McDonald

Street side of Lake McDonald Lodge

View from end of St. Mary's lake

Morning sun over Logan Pass

Trail to Iceburg Lake

Kristin and Many Glacier Valley

Iceburg Lake

Ice still floating in the lake at the end of August

Many Glacier Hotel

Iceburg Lake trail and view towards the Hotel

Mt. Sinapah

Glacier National Park Lodge from the train station

Two Medicine Lake

Glacier National Park Lodge

No Name Lake. Our first night location

View of Dawson Pass from No Name Lake. That is where we went the next morning.

Our camp site at No Name Lake

Hiking up the Dawson Pass trail.

View back towards Two Medicine Lake from Dawson Pass

On top of Dawson Pass

The Nyack Valley

Southern Nyack Valley

Krisitin on Dawson Pass

Nyack lake

Our half-way point on the trail can be seen in the distance.

Two Medicine Lake from Dawson Pass

Oldman Lake from a saddle on the trail to Pitamakin Pass

Glad to be on top of the world

The trail along the ridge. Looks better than it really was.

The trail can be seen along the slope with Flinch Peak in the background.

First view of McClintock Peak

Another view of the trail

Jon posing next the Walter McClintock's plaque

McClintock Peak

Cairn on top of McClintock Peak

View towards Cutbank Pass

Kristin scrambling up the last few feet of McClintock Peak

Walter McClintock's plaque. Still there after 3 years.

On top of the McClintock Peak

On top of the McClintock Peak

On top of the McClintock Peak

View from peak to lakes below

Flinch Peak and Oldman Lake from Pitamakin Pass

Which way? McClintock Peak in background.

Another view of the Peak from Pitamakin Pass

Oldman Lake, our 2nd night destination

Campsite at Oldman Lake

Big Horn sheep watching us

Big Horn sheep

Oldman Lake

Flinch Peak on hike out from Oldman Lake

Dry Creek Valley

Flinch Peak

Mammoth Hot Springs
Norris Geyser Basin
Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Bision crossing the road in front of us

Bison feasting on the grass

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
Thunderstorms in Yellowstone Elk
Midway Geysers


Old Faithful erupting

Old Faithful Inn

Upper Geyser Valley

The Grand Tetons

The Grand Tetons

Jenny Lake from Panorama Point

Kristin on the saddle at the Cowboy Bar in Jackson Hole

Starting our hike to Clear Lake in the Wind Rivers

Big Sandy Lake at Haystack Mountain

The brothers

Kristin and Jon

Pondering the Moment

Trail to the Cirque of Towers

Big Sandy Lake

Clear Lake and Haystack Mountain

Lake near Jackass Pass

Ben and Travis along Jackass Pass trail

Kristin and Jon along Jackass Pass trail

The Cirque of Towers

On Jackass Pass

The Pascal's at the Cirque of Towers

Cirque of Towers

Jackass Pass

Jackass Pass

Ben and Travis

Nice scenary

Ben bathing in CLear Lake

Showing off his huge muscles

Haystack Mountain (Experimenting with different colors)

Kristin and our "cooking" spot

Kristin and our "cooking" spot

See the rainbow?

Mountain man eating his oatmeal
Mountain man gain posing to eat his food Haystack Mountain in black and white


View towards Jackass Pass from Big Sandy Lake

Clear Lake

Sunset at Clear Lake