McNeil River State Game Sanctuary


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View of bears in creek

Another great view of Mikfik Creek and a few bears fishing. Other bears would graze in the tall grass surrounding the creek.

Bears like yellow tents!

On our third night at McNeil, we were awoken to a loud noise. My mom and I were not sure what had happened at first, but then saw the morning sun shining through a hole in the tent. I quickly scrambled out the tent and saw that the hole had bear slobber all over it! I then saw a bear walking away through the alders to the left. So here is a picture of the hole the bear made.

Bears like yellow tents #2

It was not a big hole, but he broke the pole right in half with one small bite. I hate to think what would have happened if that was my arm. Well lets just say that I didn't get much sleep the next night. I was very upset that my new tent was ruined. I have sent it back to the North Face hoping they will replace it. I will keep you posted.

Heading out for a day of bear watching

I had to throw in this picture of me in front of the cook shack. Here I am ready to head out for a day of bear watching. I always kept my binoculars around my neck on the hike out there. I ended up using them constantly.

A North Face pose

Another picture of "yours truly." The weather was fantastic when we were there. It didn't rain a drop and I got very sun burned. I made it back from Alaska with a great tan! I was expecting the worst (rain, wind), but got the best!

Bear walking

A bear walking in front of us along Mikfik Creek.

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