Climbing Mt. Daniel
August 2001

I went climbing with two of my friends, Eric Franklin and Burke Harris, the second weekend of August. We decided to try for the summit of Mt. Daniel, which is a peak within the heart of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. It was a great climb as it required a small amount of glacier traverse. This meant that we got to use our ice ax and crampons. We picked a beautiful weekend, however the temperatures were almost too warm as I got heat exhaustion on the way back down. Overall, it was a great experience.


Burke and Jon in front of Cathedral Rock on our way to Peggy's Pond.

View of Cathedral Rock and Mt. Stuart just before the glacier.

Eric heading out onto Lynch Glacier.

Eric on the summit in the morning sun with Mt. Stuart in the background. Notice the clouds.

Jon and Burke on the summit.

Eric posing on the summit. An awesome sunrise.