Christmas 2002

Cougar smirk

Evil Eyes

Where's my present?

Trying to explain why the Cougars lost to the Dawgs. Not very convincing....

Merry Christmas Cougars!

Why am I still here?

There's the smile

Next Present PLEASE!

Chocolate... I was a good boy for Christmas

Not sure what it is...

Where's the candy?

I still have 20 presents to open. Yah!

Yah. Another present!

Its always good to see Karrie with a big smile on her face

Whos turn next?

Forget Christmas... Lets watch some movies.

Where's the Kleenex?

A DVD player!

The moment has arrived...

Christmas morning. Trying out the new camera tripod

Our stockings

Look at the gifts!

Ho. Hum.

The Pascal Family

Almost got it!

Granny figuring out her new trick

Kristin's candles

The tree

The tree with lights on

At Whistler

Luke & Heather taking a nap